Vinokurov I.I.

(03.08.1950 - 21/06/2020)


You are not born a Person, you become a Person


Nikolaev V.P.



Annotation. A surgeon working in the northern regions of Yakutia, chief physician, resident physician at the Second Pirogov Moscow ‘Order of Lenin’ State Medical University, surgeon-phthisiologist of Yakutia Institute for Research in Tuberculosis—this is the quality path of Innokenty Vinokurov in his career of a doctor and an innovative surgeon and phthisiologist. This professional development was underpinned by a number of great human qualities such as keen-witted character, strong work ethic, strong will of a northerner, commitment, curiosity, refined perception of the environment, creativity in everything he ever attempted to do.

An innovative surgeon, a research scientist, a novelist—Innokenty Vinokurov, who dedicated more than 40 years of his life to healing and serving others, fell victim to the horrible pandemic of the 21st century, which took his life on June 21, 2020.












































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