Makar Konstantinovich Dobrov (1903-1969)


Chistobaeva N.S.



Annotation. The oral poetry of the Khakass people survived thanks to the masters and keepers of verbal creative work, who carefully kept the works in the memory and skillfully passed them on from generation to generation. In the public environment, the masters of epic were always surrounded by honor and respect. One of the greatest masters of storytelling improvisation is the outstanding khaidzhi-nymakhchi, Makar Konstantinovich Dobrov (1903-1969). The author focuses on the in-depth study of the storyteller’s creative work, features of storytelling mastery.

Keywords: storyteller, heroic epic, epic tradition, storytelling mastery, repertoire, manuscripts.

For citation: Chistobaeva N.S. Makar Konstantinovich Dobrov (1903-1969) // Siberian Research. 2021. 1(5).
P. 58 – 60.

Received April 15, 2021, accepted May 20, 2021, published June 1, 2021





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