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Historical cities of Yakutia (XVIII - IX) (to the methodology of the issue)


P.P. Petrov


     The article highlights the role of administrative influence on the establishing of a special network of settlements - "poorly populated" urban settlements in Yakutia. The author believes that the existence of "poorly populated" cities can be considered as a unique phenomenon in the history of Russian urban science requiring special study.

Keywords: regional urban environment, "poorly populated" city, bourgeois reforms, government bodies.

For citation: Petrov P.P. Historical cities of Yakutia (XVII – early XX century): problem statement // Siberian Research. 2019. 1 (1). P. 60 - 63. 

Received January 21, 2019; accepted for publication February 28, 2019; published April 01, 2019.


1. PETROV Panteleimon Panteleimonovich, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Museum of the History of Academic Science in Yakutia named after G. P. Basharin, Institute for Humanities Research and Indigenous Studies of the North, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 677027, Yakutsk, St. Petrovsky, Russia, e-mail:


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