A double-blind peer review is mandatory for processing of all scientific manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Board of the Journal (the authors of the manuscript do not receive information about the reviewers, and vice versa).

Articles are reviewed by the members of the Editorial Staff, Editorial Board, and invited reviewers who are leading experts in Russia and other countries in corresponding scientific fields.  Chief Editor, Deputy Chief Editor, Editor choose reviewers to perform paper assessment.  The review period is 2-4 weeks, but at the request of the reviewer it can be extended.

Reviewer has an option to abnegate the assessment should any conflict of interests arise that may affect perception or interpretation of the manuscript. Following the review of the manuscript, the reviewer makes recommendations on the further status of the article (each decision of the reviewer is explained and justified):

 -  the paper is accepted in its present state;

-   the paper is recommended for publication after revising the discrepancies noted by the reviewer;

-   the paper is to be sent for further reviewing by another specialist;

-   the paper is rejected.

The Editorial Board sends the text of the reviews to the author. If the reviewer has recommended any refinements, the Editors would suggest the author either to implement the corrections, or to dispute them reasonably. Revision of the paper should not take more than 1 month from the moment of sending an e-mail to the authors with the call for revision.

Revised paper is to be resubmitted for review. If the authors refuse to implement the corrections, they must notify the editors in writing or orally of their refusal to publish the article.  If the authors do not send revised paper within 1 month since receiving a copy of the initial review, and if the authors fail to notify the editors about their refusal to revise the material, the editors take the manuscript off the register and notify the author about it. 

In conflict situations, regarding revision of the manuscript, the Chief Editor makes final decision at a meeting of the Editorial Board. The decision to reject the manuscript is made at a meeting of the Editorial Staff in accordance with the recommendations of the reviewers. The Editorial Board does not accept previously rejected manuscripts for re-evaluation. The letter of rejection is sent to the author by e-mail with   reviews and justified refusal.

If the paper is accepted for publication, the Editorial Staff notifies the author of the scheduled date of publication. Positive review does not guarantee publication of the paper.  The final decision on the publication is made by the Editorial Board. In conflict situations the Chief Editor develops final solution by his authority.