Structure and Composition Requirements







As the article should be a subject of a blind review, the authors should place separately (on a separate page) the title page including the following information:

• title of the article in Russian and English;

• surnames, names and patronymic (if any), affiliations and positions of the authors in Russian and in English;

• the name of the organization(s) where the research was conducted, including information on the department, institution, its location (city, country) in Russian and English;

• surname, name, patronymic (if any), full postal address, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author responsible for communicating with editors and readers, in Russian and in English. It is recommended to give the official postal addresses and phone numbers. The article will be published and posted on the website of the Journal with given e-mail.

The journal Editorial Board requires authors to submit a scanned copy of a cover letter signed by all co-authors in order to confirm their approval to submit the paper for editing and to transfer the rights for the paper to the Journal. Letters with signatures are to be sent to the Editorial Staff by post, or e-mail (photo or scanned copy).

Authorship should be limited by the following criteria:

- a significant contribution to the conception and  design of the research;

- role of the author in collection, analyzing, and interpretation of data;

- contribution of the author to justification and writing the manuscript.

- roles or responsibilities of the author in composing the research and its initial variant, as well as in critical assessment of the intellectual content of the manuscript; 

-  a role in making final decision to send the manuscript for publication.

It is recommended to mention in “Acknowledgments” any individuals that assisted in your work, but do not meet the above criteria.

If the paper is submitted on behalf of a consortium or an officially approved research group, participants and their affiliations should be listed at the end of the manuscript.

All authors must give their consent to publication of the manuscript; consent is approved by their signatures on the titl page.